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Business Savvy CTOs – Pragmatic Leadership.

When Inventivity founder Jeffrey Greenberg created the Company in 1998, he had a clear vision about what traditional technology and business process improvement consultants often promised but seldom delivered. And while it should be obvious, he noted that many consultants approached assignments in the same manner whether the client was a large, established product company or a smaller, agile, cloud-based start-up.
“Too often I found,” said the 25-year software, technology and management veteran, “that external consultants were biased by the need to increase their own staffing and to increase revenues at the expense of their clients. Projects tended to bloat and become inefficient. A substantial portion of my most successful work has involved cleaning up expensive messes left by the big consulting firms.”
Greenberg has assembled a team of senior consultants with extensive backgrounds and expertise across the technology, management and business software industries. Inventivity's consulting team designs strategies to fit business goals, generate revenue and improve productivity.

Inventivity is about creating value

Under Greenberg’s direction, the firm looks at what is working and why.  And, then, looks to create value by improving efficiency and efficacy with strategy innovation, cost-effective processes and technology that fit within the client’s operating style and resource limitations.
“There is nothing worse than seeing hard-working teams failing to deliver or to meet business objectives.  Sometimes they’ve addressed process change but aren’t getting much in return.  As consultants, we are very aware that too often product & software design is too monolithic to meet changing business needs,” says Greenberg, “because the client lacks the design strategy & processes to flexibly listen to business and customer needs, let alone the resources to execute the plans.”
Inventivity consultants understand that establishing immediate credibility with client teams is often a determining factor in the success of the project.  While too many consultants get bogged down in a process of assessment, the Inventivity approach is geared to create positive change in a timely manner.
Inventivity measures its success not simply in terms of replacing systems or processes, but also on the basis of rapid, cost-effective, high value implementation and the value of the improvement to overall bottom line of the client.  Inventivity delivers value by providing insight and leadership about technology products, people, and process.