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Inventivity has served varieties of leading companies, providing expertise from some extraordinary people.
Information about our clients and our staff is available on request.

Jeffrey has been on the Internet since it came into being having worked in Harold Cohen's AI lab at UCSD in 1979 using a PDP-8 and UNIX V3, where they were on UUCP before the Internet. In the lab, Harold developed 'expert AI' software and Jeffrey helped build hardware and firmware to visualize Harold's work. "I remember sitting in our refrigerated room, shivering with computers that were the size of multiple refrigerators and washing machines, and using email and thinking to myself 'it would be cool to maybe get an email from my mom, but that'll never happen'". It took about for 15 years for that statement to be wrong.

Jeffrey is available for varieties of technology consulting including:

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The ACT - Performance Art Journal

This site also hosts the archive for the art magazine THE ACT, a performance art journal produced by Mr. Greenberg with significant help from Jacques Chwat, and other artists. (see link).

This journal was active during the med-80s to early '90s, through the age of AIDs and performance art. It's focus was on artists and works oriented towards art-as-truth, art-as-participation, art-as-social-and-political-engagement, and being an "unartist".

The journal is largely inspired by Allan Kaprow's work and John Cage's influences. But also the influences of Suzanne Lacy and feminist artists, composer Pauline Oliveros, the culture breaking and embracing poet, Jerome Rothenberg, and the life-theater explorations of Jerzy Growtowski.





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