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I have a wide set of interests and expertise that I apply in the realms of art, journalism, politics, and technology. Some of the projects I have in motion are:

Preserving The ACT and The Performance Project Archives Online

Together with artists and friends, I lead the creation of an art journal, The Act, and an art non-profit, The Performance Project, that sponsored it and provided performance artists with a space to perform and receive immediate feedback for their work in New York City in the 80's and 90's.
These were wily efforts to produce ethical art of our own and share that work as ethically as we could.
With the help of fellow artists and friends, and with some money from a variety of prestigious institutions and foundations, we did just that.
You can learn about the journal and actually read it online: The Act. There you can also find out about my efforts to preserve it online and keep it available for use, study, and reflection.


I play the piano, keyboards, and west African drums. I enjoy playing and making music inspired by modern classical composers, carnatic traditions, west african traditions, jazz and others.
Lately, I'm spending a lot of time decomposing Terry Riley's performances from the mid-70's and 80's, his solo keyboard performances, which I've heard live and in recording. I'm also working on music that uses west african rhythms and improvisational ideas.
This work is entirely solo, improvised, and private. But when I'm 'ready' I'll put up some recordings with the hope of finding folks to play with and to perform larger scale music together.

Fixing the News

I am very interested in trying to "Fix the News". Journalism and news distribution is broken in many ways. I see myself both as an artist & and a proven technologist who can help push towards technologies that better support truth making & and that better anchors journalist practice in truth. I have written some on this and given a couple of talks at UCSB and at Twitter (before Musk's naive and unconstructive efforts there).
Generally, I am interested in strategies for supporting and grounding truth and democracy so that they can meet the challenges that the internet and social media have created by enabling people to have near-zero-cost content production and distribution.
I believe that part of the solution lies in further technology and another part involves changing journalism and journalistic practice.

Advanced Technology & Technology Leadership Consulting

I have several patents awarded and some applied for in the areas of ultrasound imaging, voice technology applications, computer vision, and machine learning. I also have experiences writing computer languages and operating systems. I also worked for Harold Cohen between 1979-1982, producing the 1.0 version of software that prints the "AI" Aaron's drawings. (A show of his work is up until May at the Whitney Museum of American Art)
I'm also an experienced leader as an executive and team leader with teams of more than two hundred and budgets in the tens of millions.

These days I spend some limited time for overseeing machine learning work, and on helping others on impactful projects:

About this Site

For decades, had been the online place for an innovative technology and technology management consulting business that I ran. With an impressive client list and an amazing group of collaborators, we worked on some amazing things - things that you hold in your hands, things that are circling the moon and mars, and things that help make you well. Now I'm repurposing this site to help me pursue and amplify my other creative works and interests.

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