Jeffrey Greenberg, founder and principal of Inventivity Consulting LLC, brings nearly 25 years experience in cutting edge technology research, implementation, management, and business creation. Among his major accomplishments was the invention of the first “drag and drop” technology for Microsoft Windows.

Among his clients have been AT&T, Hewitt Associates, Hotwire, Liberty Travel, Prodigy, Rio Audio, Sonic Solutions and Verizon.

During his career, he has raised venture capital to start businesses, provided on-site interim management and served in various technical capacities. He has created businesses and raised venture capital. He has been involved with innovations in the UNIX operating system for ultrasound and medical imaging, interface technologies as well as large-scale systems.

A graduate of the University of California (San Diego), Greenberg’s product innovations have been covered in the technology press, spoken in a variety of industry seminars and conferences and numerous technical papers and articles. He holds two patents for medical diagnostic technology. 

Daniel Doman has spent the past two decades directing IT teams and projects for a variety of corporations and clients, including Liberty Travel, Double Click, IBI Inc.  His career is highlighted by extensive experience in high-volume, robust, scalable architectures that have required both legacy and innovation envelope stretching solutions. 

His expertise in building from the ground-up as well as making extensive changes in existing processes have led to significant assignments across industries with large companies and start-up organizations. 

At DoubleClick, as Director of Engineering, he led the development of the company’s technical infrastructure as it volumes grew from less than 10 million impressions per day to more than 4 billion per day.  Among his other major accomplishments at DoubleClick was the design and development of a data-driven, ad-targeting system that delivered on-line ads based on mined-data and also generated derived demographic, psychographic and behavioral targeting using enhanced ETL analytics and the caching database server.

He is a graduate of Pitzer College and did post-graduate work at the University of Wisconsin (Madison).

Mitchell Talisman brings significant and varied expertise, with a particular emphasis on engineering management and software systems.  He has worked with clients, including Merrill Lynch and the A&E Television Network. He has served as the VP of Engineering for a variety of startups including, a leading Internet application service provider; Vodeo, a video technology stratup, and Zogo, a wireless technology systems builder. Talisman knows what it takes to cost-effectively deliver and manage systems.

Bryan Dunkeld, a founder of, brings more than 20 years of technical architecture and design, management, and business experience to Inventivity. His focus has been principally on start-ups and early stage companies with technical products or infrastructure.

He was involved in raising $150MM from venture capital firms and corporate partners for, building the company to 300 employees and running revenue to $1.5MM/month resulting in a merger with

In addition to on-line retail, Dunkeld has broad expertise in financial services, web presence, digital asset management, virtual Reality, consumer products and advanced automotive electronics.  He has worked with JPL/Space Shuttle on projects.

Scott M. Brylow has more than 15 years of advanced technology implementation and management expertise as well as experience in startup environments. A former  VP of Engineering for Petstore Inc., he co-owned an engineering consultancy and founded a web business in 1994.

Early in his career, he worked with NASA's Mars Global Surveyor mission to develop a camera for the project. He is widely acknowledged as an innovative and creative problem solver who understands how to employ technology to provide both pragmatic and strategic solutions.  His latest project is as project manager for the next Moon Orbiter and Mars Rover cameras for NASA.  He is one of the few consultants for whom the phrase “it is rocket science” applies.

Paul Pangaro, Ph.D., has worked for and with high profile technology/internet companies such as Sun Microsystems, where he was appointed Distinguished Market Strategist, and as the founding CTO of, incubated at Bill Gross' Idealab.

His career spans development of product and business strategies, fund-raising, innovation planning, and revolutionary user experiences for search, training, and decision support. He is a frequent speaker at corporate and academic events on media, product design and cybernetics.

He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Cybernetics at Brunel University (UK).  He earned his Bachelor of Science at MIT, where he was hired by Nicholas Negroponte into the research group that would become the MIT Media Lab. Annually, he teaches a course on product design methodology at Stanford University.