First published in The ACT -- Performance Art Journal
Toine Horvers : BALANCE 5
Installation of Motion
Amstelpark Triennal for Sculpture 1984.
12/5, 1 and 16/6, 14/7/84. Amstelpark Amsterdam
 photo: henk geraedts

Out of parts of bamboo I have composed a rod of about eighteen meters in length, going from thick (5 cm) to thin (0.3 cm). The rod is painted white.

For during the period of the exhibition I chose four dates on which to show my installation of motion, "Balance 5."

On those days, from 10am to 6pm near the edge of the park pond, I balanced the rod for short intervals. During those performances I dress in white. I chose a quiet place in a reeds near the Japanese garden.

I put one end of the rod on a wooden pier and extend the other over the water.

Around my back, and under my armpits, I have a belt with a rope attached, the end of which is connected the rod.

By moving this rope up and down the rod, I can find the position which brings the weight of the rod and mine in balance. I adjust the balance in such a way that I can lean backwards with my body at full stretch, my feet against the foot of the rod and the thin end of the rod resting above the surface of the water, as still as possible, and thus, making it possible to read off when it is out of balance.

Because of the physical inability to stand absolutely still, the length and flexibility of the material used, and the influence of the wind, there is a continuous motion. Again and again I’m busy making small corrections in the balance.