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The contributions of the following people are greatly appreciated:

Charles Allcroft
Patrick Amos
Laura Foreman
Chris Gallagher
Gary Goldberg
Melinda Levokove
Micki McGee
Ann Palevsky
Jan Peacock
Alison Rossiter
Judy Thacker
Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace
Dan Zedek

We appreciate the generous support of

Saiph Corporation, Laurent Imbaud, President
Leon Golub

The Act is published irregularly & hopefully with increasing frequency. Your subscription is essential. Three issues are available for 12 Dollars. (The newstand price will increase.)

Submission requirements:
  1. Critique, speculation & representation of any form of human activity.
  2. No reviews.
  3. The sections are organized ad hoc based on the material received.
  4. Work of any visual form is acceptable ... work can ·be layed-out by the artist/writer /photographer.
  5. Texts typed and double & spaced.
  6. Photographs should have appropriate credits.
  7. SASE, if work is to be returned.

Next Deadline - April 1st, 1986.
Next Issue - Summer 1986

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