The Ball is an exploration of the cyclical processes in the growth and death of hair.
Baldness is death, the growth of hair is infinite, continuing to grow even after death.
The Ball is a place of birth, death, & infinite regeneration — a womb in which to recede into.
Within the confines of the Ball-world, baldness is perpetuated via the infinite growth of hair.
The Ball is comprised of a network of synthetic hairlines which cause baldness on the pates of men.
The Ball is a nucleus of receding; a container of ceded men: the rooted set who become line operators once they enter the ball.
The Ball is an exploration of the contradictory notion of hair as a force of impotent virility.
It is a male world which cures its own impotence by covering bald-pates, yet robbing the owners of these pates of their freedom & virility by tethering them with lines which make them passive & dependent on the mother ball.
Hence the conundrum CURE — VIA — CAUSE — oil: the ball cures baldness by covering it with the very same lines used to cause baldness.