The Performance Project
(active since 1982)

Home of:
  • a gathering point for independent performance artists.
  • work space.
  • critique.
  • the development of individual work histories out of a community of peers.
People who have worked & attended (incomplete):
Charles Allcroft, Jessie Allen, Patrick Amos, John Borba, Michael Brandonisio, Jim Calder, Jacques Chwat, Betsy Damon, Dionysus, Clair Fergusson, Laura Foreman, Chris Gallagher, Sally Gil, Joan Giannecchini, Gary Goldberg, Bob Goldberg, Coco Gordon, Ilona Granet, Arlene Greenberg, Jeffrey Greenberg, Amy Guggenheim, Laurie Harris, Linda Henneman, Barbara Hiesiger, Vicky Hirsch, Ron Kantor, Stan Kaplan, Uri Katzenstein, Kim Kimball, Susan Kleckner, Sima Kliman, Melinda Levokove, Michael Meyers, Rochelle Minkoff, Jennifer Monson, Ann Palevsky, Jan Peacock, Paul Pierog, Laurie Perricci, Wiliam Pope.L, Shari Rosenblatt, Leeny Sack, Erich Schmidt, Frank Shifreen, Michael Stiller, Limor Winter, Charles Yuen.

  • a publication on performance art.
  • for critique, speculation & representation of performance activity.
Artists & active participants are invited to enquire:
Performance Project, Jeffrey Greenberg (Director)
(former address of Art Matters Inc.)