Our purpose is to:
  • allow a free range of activity
  • permit as wide a range of representations as we can and let them contend with one another
  • re-value "performance"
  • let the artist speak
  • empower the reader, holding open areas where the reader can act: in addition to being a witness and, above all, more than just a passive witness!


Charles Allcroft, Performance artist.
Eugenio Barba, Director and founder of Odin Teatret, Denmark.
Jacques Chwat, Director and theater artist, New York.
Laura Foreman, Artist, choreographer and writer, New York.
Kenneth Gaburo, Composer/writer/publisher, Iowa City.
Gary Goldberg, Visual and performance artist, New York.
Frank Green, Poet and performer, New York.
Jeffrey Greenberg, Performance artist and director of Performance Project.
Robert McKaskell, Art critic and historian, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.
Morgan O’Hara, Travelling artist.
Laurie Perrici Poet, and writer, New York.
Kristine Stiles, Art critic and historian, Washington, D.C.
Penelope Wehrli, Filmmaker and performance artist, New York.

Action Words

acting advancing agonizing alienating arguing arriving assisting assuming attempting balancing beating beginning being bending binding bleeding blowing blundering bowing bringing calling capitulating catching causing celebrating changing clapping cleaning clearing climbing clowning coming continuing cooking counting covering creating crouching curing dancing dealing declaring deflecting describing disappearing doing dreaming drooling eating editing employing encasing establishing expanding experiencing exploring facing falling feeling fighting floating flowing fluctuating flying following ganging gathering getting going grabbing guiding hanging having hearing helping hiding hitting holding humiliating hunting illuminating inching including installing interpreting introducing keeping laying leading leaning leaving listening listing looking looming losing lying maintaining making maneuvering meeting mentioning missing mixing moving multiplying muttering needing nothing obscuring oozing passing paying peering performing permitting picking playing plundering pointing posturing pouring praying presenting pressing pretending printing projecting providing pulling reading receding receiving recircling recognizing recovering remaining remembering removing rendering repeating rescuing resting returning rising rooting running succeeding searching seeing seeping serving shackling showing singing sitting skipping smiling sounding speaking spinning sponsoring sputtering squatting standing stepping stirring stumbling submitting subverting supposing swearing sweeping taking talking teetering thinking touching tracing trailing traveling trying tumbling turning understanding unwinding wanting washing watching whirling whispering whistling witnessing working writing yearning yelling