photo of Jacques Chwat

In the theater which was Jacques life-long love the search is always for the truth, for authenticity. We struggle towards psychic and physical disarmament. To unmask. To be simple. To be authentic. To be. Oneself. Jacques had no persona. He was truly remarkable in that sense. I have never met anyone quite like him. He was there like an oak. Available. Present. He simply couldn't lie or dissemble. He was totally without pretense. What you saw was what and who he was. In all of its complex simplicity. To know Jacques as a friend or a colleague was an illumination, a signpost: this way to the veracity of self. This is probably why he was so loved as a teacher. He was so truly himself that in his very presence he symbolized the highest goal of the theater: truth, simplicity, and natural dignity through which we sense the awesome mystery of man.

— Andre Gregory