Excerpt from a letter to the editor:
I've been developing my own practice...I call it "Speaking through the Prepuce." Literally, its attempt to teach my penis to communicate. I do experiments, lectures, interviews, flagellations and model-building.
My most recent model: A 6 ft. obelisk of creosote and plywood. Designed along the lines of Wilhelm Reich's Orgone containers.
The regimen: for an hour each day for 2 months I place my penis in the base of the structure. The penis is wrapped in a suit of aluminum foil and plastic rubber hosing filled with a liquid: water and nitrate crystals. Each insertion, its entire duration is recorded on video tape.
drawing by William Pope.L of an oblisk for use in 'The Journal of Skin'
(Books 1-4, 1989 and Books 283, 1987)
The Journal of Skin is an on-going sketch book on the theme of : Penisity. Or, the nature of the penis.
I've been keeping the journal since 1985. There are 37 books in all.
I began the journal because I began to notice my penis more. This sounds simplistic, I know, but just because one has a penis doesn't mean one is aware of what is between one's legs (or one's head for that matter). Either way, the penis is my terrain and vice versa.
As a little boy
I was stung on my
pecker by a bee.
My mother
put ice on it.
I thought it
Would fall off
Later, I got
Ice cream for
Being so brave.
That night, in bed
I let my brother
Look at it.
He couldn't
see the
- William.L
The theme of the penis is unavoidably univocal …
The talking penis as a conduit to the internal speech of my male body.
If menstruation is the regulatory cycle of the female what is a comparable system in males?

Seeing my face in the wrinkles of my penis.
Imagine a soul whose
Essence is neither
Energy nor light nor
Knowledge. But direction