The Act - Vol.2 / No.1 - 1990


Publishing Information

Against the Spectacle
Private & Inter-Personal Experiment,
Social & Political Activity

Gran Fury International Aids Information [5]

Allan Kaprow Tail Wagging Dog [10]

Jeffrey Greenberg My Performances With Him [13]

Clemente Padin Action Works [18]

Geoffrey Hendricks 18 Skies [19]

Charles Allcroft Jack Smith And Story Telling Art [26]

Eugenio Barba The Third Bank Of The River [30]

Suzanne Lacy Skeptical Of The Spectacle [36]

Suzanne Lacy The Crystal Quilt [36]

Toine HorversPerformances [43]

Nina Sobell Performances [51]

William Peterson Carolee Schneemann Interview [54]

Max Below & Kim Irwin Meet The Neighbors [58]

Mikołaj Smoczyński Secret Performances [60]

Aviva Rahmani The Mental Technolology Of Requiem [64]

Tyler Stallings Woolgatherer-Filmmaker [68]

Ellen Zweig Life/Art Projects [69]

Jerri Allyn Angels Have Been Sent To Me [72]

KS Fleming This Is Not Part Of The Belief System [76]

William Pope.L The Journal Of Skin [80]

Christine Tamblyn Gift Every Day [82]

Mierle Laderman Ukeles Sanitation Manifesto [84]

Barbara T. Smith Contact Art [86]

Stuart Sherman Stuart Sherman's Invisible Theater [91]

Antero Alli Alternating Currents [95]

Bibliography, Subscriptions, Submissions, Video ACT [98]